Troubleshooting Sewing Problems -Part 2

Troubleshooting – Logically Troubleshooting sewing problems requires a logical approach to rule out what is not causing the problem.  Emotions do not deal in logic.    I can do this. What is a sewing problem? Step One – Identify Sewing Problems by Troubleshooting Troubleshooting sewing problems requires looking at and identifying the problem. It could be one or several things. At the …

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Pick the Right Batting From a Chart

Pick the Right Batting Quilt Batting Selection Chart You can now pick the right batting by using a great batting chart I had copied back in 2010. Visit the Quilt Batting Selection Chart by the Curious Quilter at   Click on Tutorials for the dropdown menu,  The zoom feature will make it much more comfortable to read. The Curious Quilter …

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