Home is a Website Directory

Home is a good name for this website directory. I have attempted to simplify navigation of the site by choosing Sections for posts of similar content. Each Section will have a drop-down menu with categories and subcategories so, as a person looking for a particular subject, you can zero in and arrive at your destination with the fewest clicks to get there. If there are other posts related to the subject, I will include the link, both to those I have written and/or I have found on other sites I feel are worthwhile to read.

We are all busy people, some more than others, and impatience has crept into our being without notice. I recently read an article about impatience and using the web. The bottom line is people statistically will log off a page that doesn’t load in 2 seconds. Think about that for a minute – too long? Give yourself permission to think about it for 2 seconds then. I don’t know about you, but it is a bit sad to think one cannot wait more than two seconds to read something that may have taken hours to be researched, tested, and written!

I am doing what I can to assure you will get better results faster when on my website. Fixing impatience is out of my realm of expertise!

All the Sections of This Website are in the Directory

All Sections are found listed on top of each page and post. I’ll give you a brief overview of what you may find in each of them.

About Stitcher

About Stitcher is where I share with you a bit about myself and what brought me to develop this website and sell online.


Blog is where I write about a variety of subjects. Sometimes I just had the need to ramble or share a pet peeve. Sometimes I share about my family and what we have been doing. You will find blogs about my volunteer work. If a blog doesn’t enhance any part of the other Sections, I’ll leave it in this Section.

Education – Found in the Website Directory

Education is my section where I share my love and knowledge of sewing and quilting. I write posts to help others begin sewing or learn a unique way of doing things. How to solve common problems through troubleshooting and tips on how to avoid problems are popular posts.

Quilting Vocabulary

Yes, sewing and quilting have their own language that can be quite confusing! Straight of grain should be bias free. Put your RST and use a scant 1/4″. My vocabulary list is ever evolving. If you don’t find what you are looking for there, let me know so I can add it. If you don’t know what it is, there is a strong possibility you are not alone! Visit https://www.sewingwithstitcher.com/quilting-vocabulary/ and see how many definitions you know!


This Section is a place for me to share my process and final project I make for my retail space. Currently selling through Etsy, I will be adding another venue in the future. It takes time to expand in the e-commerce market, but adding exposure adds customers and purchases. This is separate from Inspired by Judy, a specialized endeavor. Therefore, in this Home Website Directory, I wanted each to have their own department.

Inspired by Judy

Inspired by Judy is the clothing line I will be introducing in a new shop online and hopefully in a local retail location. In this section I will share the story behind the name of the line and what kind of clothing you will be seeing. Showing the process will be interesting posts from design ideas, how they formulate, and steps to the finished item.

A Gallery of my photos over the years is like a picture book. It might be more like watching someone else’s home movies! Here will be finished items grouped in specific albums for easy navigation to your interest. Of course, I would be thrilled if you looked at all the albums!

Past Years

Looking back over all the blog posts I have made throughout the years, I thought it might be fun to combine and rewrite the ones that started and ended certain years. If you don’t want to learn my tendency to think I can do much more than I can, this is where you will see direct testimony to the fact. The fact is my mind thinks I still have the energy and stamina that I had in my 30’s! I’m 40+ years past 30 and like others my age, energy and stamina don’t work so well together anymore. But I have no intention of letting my brain know. It is entertaining to read and remember how it once was. Right now, I am in no hurry to do anything!

Home is a Website Directory, But It Isn’t Everything

I hope you will find this way of navigating helpful on my website. You could miss out when something of interest because the Directory does not notify you.

However, signing up to receive emails from me will keep you in the loop of what is happening at Sewing with Stitcher. I promise I will not be filling your email in-box daily. When I write, it will be brief and unscheduled.

If you enjoyed the journey navigating my website to things that interest you, feel free to share my site with others. https://sewingwithstitcher.com