Guide to Your Desired Destination

This is a Guide to Your Desired Destination on my website. I have attempted to simplify navigation of the site by choosing Sections for posts of similar content. Each Section will have a drop-down menu with categories and subcategories so, as a person looking for a particular subject, you can zero in and arrive at your destination with the fewest clicks to get there. If there are other posts related to the subject, I will include the link, both to those I have written and/or I have found on other sites I feel are worthwhile to read.

busy people – Impatience – really

We are all busy people, some more than others, and impatience has crept into our being without notice. I recently read an article about impatience and using the web. The bottom line is people statistically will log off a page that doesn’t load in 2 seconds. Think about that for a minute – too long? Give yourself permission to think about it for 2 seconds then. I don’t know about you, but it is a bit sad to think one cannot wait more than two seconds to read something that may have taken hours to be researched, tested, and written!

I am doing what I can to assure you will get better results faster when on my website. Fixing impatience is out of my realm of expertise!

All the Sections of This Website Guide are to guide you to your desired location

All Sections are found listed on top of each page and post. I’ll give you a brief overview of what you will find when you click on the Section in the header.

about stitcher

Learn about Stitcher and her history of sewing. She also talks about family, including her four-legged members! Click the blue words and, presto, you will be there!


Blog is where I write about a variety of subjects that would not fit in the other Sections. In other words, I just like to ramble sometimes about what is happening or not happening in my life, share some humor, talk about my kids and grandkids, and ask for comments about something that will help me plan a strategy. I like to think of it as a brief survey. This link will give you a hint of what I blog about when I don’t have anything else to do. Just give the link a click and enjoy the chicken. I often times resemble that chicken, I think. /blog/


The Education Section is where I share my love and knowledge of sewing and quilting. Some posts will help the inexperienced wanting to learn how to sew. If you are experienced but open to learning a unique way of doing things, I will share what I’ve learned. How to solve common problems through troubleshooting and tips on how to avoid problems are popular posts. I am going to do sew-a-longs, how-to posts for introducing tips and tricks, and so much more.

I do hope if you are new to sewing/quilting you will use the guide to your desired destination by clicking on Education at the top of the page. Just a few links to get you started before you jump over to the Education Section: New to Machine Sewing?. Or, /tools-of-a-quilter/.

Quilting Vocabulary

Quilting vocabulary is a good reference source. If you are new to this craft, it might be quite confusing when you hear or read some quilting talk! This pattern stresses using a scant quarter inch. Is that bias? What do you do to hold your sandwich together securely? Also, check out Initialism and Acronym Differ for even more help or you might not have your RST!

This Section is a frequent stop for many, often ranking as the most visited Section.


“Purchasing, shipping, marketing, and design; customer service, accounting, and the production line; it’s no 9 to 5!” Set to music that could be the StitcherMade theme song!

This Section is a place for me to share what is happening in the studio. What I make has been sold through Etsy. I will be adding another venue in the future. Plus, I will be adding social media to expand my audience. It takes time to expand in the e-commerce market, but adding exposure adds followers and subscribers. It is easy to become a subscriber by putting your name and email address in the form to the upper right. When you join the subscriber group, you will be invited to special sales for subscribers only, discounts, contests, and much more. Why not sign up right now while it is on your mind? Up to the right, just under the StitcherMade sewing machine logo! Start receiving emails from me!

Inspired by Judy

Inspired by Judy is the eclectic clothing line I will be introducing in a new shop online and hopefully in a local retail location. In this section I will share the story behind the name of the line. I will share the process from design ideas, how they formulate, are put on paper and all the steps I take to a finished, tangible garment.

A Gallery of my photos over the years is like a series of picture books. Most are of the quilts I have made, other types of items I occasionally make, and some funny moments with the four-legged animals who keep me laughing.

Navigating the Website Using Guide to Your Desired Destination

I hope you will find this way of navigating helpful on my website. You could miss out when something of interest is posted because the Guide does not notify you. But I will if you subscribe! Every time I post, I will send you an email to keep you in the loop of what is happening in the studio of Sewing with Stitcher.

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