Write to be Read

Do you have a website where you write to be read? Are you thinking of starting a website blog? I will share some insights for starting a website blog learned from my own experience. Knowing what I wanted to write about wasn’t enough. My desire to teach wouldn’t be fulfilled without a following of anxious learners. What I didn’t know was the computer technology side. Because I want my blogs/educational articles to be found and followed, I must learn and become comfortable with the tools it takes to draw readers, especially return readers to my site.

What I Didn’t Know

If my insights for starting a website blog helps even one person from writing and no one is reading, I will have done my part in writing this post. Readers search for items of interest, so being found by a search engine is important. I get discouraged occasionally, but more often I am determined to learn. I want to see my site thrive and learn how to make it happen. It just takes time and that hasn’t always been plentiful. Some would say that is stubbornness and I laugh because they are right. That personality trait has played a significant role in my life and the successes I have enjoyed. So, don’t think I will be giving it up anytime soon, but not until what I write is being read.

Source I am Using to Learn to Write to be Read

There are numerous sources online to learn what you don’t know to get your site noticed by crawlers and insights on how to write the best posts. Some learning information is free; some charge a fee. I use free sources when available and continue to learn. Often, I don’t feel the fee programs meet the needs I currently have. I am still finding ample information free as I slowly build my knowledge base. There are some fee sources I have noted for myself that I feel will eventually fill a need based on the direction I can see my website going.

My favorite site with a ton of information is Yoast – I am in no way a sponsor for Yoast but find them to be a source with an abundance of useful and understandable information for free.

I’d love to hear about your experience taking the plunge into online writing and/or selling, what insights you may have for those considering entering an online platform, or are struggling to be read, and if any online sources were beneficial to your learning and success. Caring and sharing will make all of us better at what we do!