Wrapping Up November


Related imageThanksgiving is this week!

I’m driving to California with hubs and Heather, my youngest.  Some are remaining at home due to other commitments.  Gets more and more difficult to get all the family together as they become adults with adult lives and families of their own.

One more post in the Sampler Sew-a-Long will wrap up with a discussion on different options for quilting the top, how to prepare the quilt sandwich for each, what to expect, and how to bind the quilt once it is quilted.  I will write it on the road and post prior to Thanksgiving.

I’m preparing for Christmas at StitcherMade!  Many items to add, seasonal items to remove, and so much on the list to make.  It is a busy time for sure.  I do get a lot of handwork done when I am not driving, which keeps me from getting antsy or napping.

Once we hit Grants Pass, Oregon, I will get to do a bit of shopping at Jordan Fabrics before we head on to Ashland, Oregon, for the night.  Last trip down, the Jordan’s were expanding to add space for the retail shop by moving the “work” behind the scenes area to another building.  This time I believe they will be open when we arrive.

We enjoy staying in Ashland, especially this time of year.  The downtown area is so beautifully decorated and some of the stores stay open to greet customers to their shops.  It is such a friendly town with a small town atmosphere, yet it is home of Southern Oregon University with a beautiful campus, and the well attended Shakespeare Festival.

Much to do today, so I am limiting computer time!  Happy Thanksgiving to all!  If you are traveling, may you be safe, sane, and thankful when you arrive at your destination.

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