Work You Couldn’t See and I Didn’t Write About

I feel I haven’t blogged nearly as frequently as I had planned during 2020. Then again, I also didn’t plan to have to protect myself behind a mask. Dodging people in the grocery store going against the floor arrow had never entered my mind. In my own defense, I was doing work you couldn’t see and I didn’t write about it.

At best, I have minimal computer skills. However, I desired a professional looking website and ecommerce shop. Finally, I may have what I was dreaming of. There are still some things that need tweaked. Nothing is urgent.

I am think my website finally looks nice. My blogs are informational, just seriously infrequent. Therefore, I am going to not change the format, but will blog more often.

Shopping at is up and running with Fall and Halloween items listed. Beginning of the week I did get several wine gift bags into the inventory. Listing is a process and for me extremely time consuming. I can only hope it gets faster. I have also listed in my Etsy store, so it is double the time. Thank goodness for cut and paste.

This week I have added free shipping for purchases totaling $35 or more. It is time to shop and not miss this special shipping offer!