Quilting: My Passion!

My Passion

Without a doubt, quilting is where my passion lies!  There is something magical about cutting up fabric in little pieces and sewing them together into a fascinating design that comes to life when sandwiched with a batting and backing fabric and quilted.  All is encased in a binding, finishing an heirloom to be cherished and definitely used!

This is one of my first quilts.  It is one of the quilts on my bed that reminds me of how far I have come in perfecting my skills and my choices in fabric and thread I now prefer to use.  There is still so much to learn as techniques, tools, and patterns evolve!  Each quilt I put on the longarm frame is a promise to learn even more – from computer programming patterns to enhance the beauty of the quilt to improving free motion designs.  Quilters who made quilts as a necessity for cold winters, using every tiny piece of cloth available, would be amazed at what modern day quilters have at their disposal!

Another of the first quilts I made now has a home on our bed!