How Did I Not See This Sooner?

In the process of making a quilt, I look at and study a quilt as I sew the pieces together to make blocks.  Blocks on a design wall, rows on a design wall as the blocks are sewn together, the top when all the rows are sewn, then I study the top to decide if I think it needs borders, how many, and what colors.  If I put borders on, I will once again put the top with borders back on the design wall to see if it needs anything else.  In other words, I look at a quilt top under construction a lot!  So how did I miss this?

I had completed this quilt a few years ago and probably two years ago finally got it quilted and the binding on.  I put it aside and forgot about it until recently.  A week ago when there was a brief break between rain storms and the sun was out, I quickly did an outdoor photo shoot on some items I hoped to list on Etsy.  One item was this particular quilt.

That evening I downloaded the photos to my laptop.  When I saw the quilt picture, I could not believe my eyes!  Why had I not seen this before???? It had to have always been there!  Now I could see nothing else!  A flaw!  One half-square triangle block turned the wrong way giving the block a Pac Man look!  The fix could have been made so easily if only I saw it before it was quilted and bound.  Now, too many stitches would have to be ripped and re-quilted, so I chose to leave it as it is.

This 80″x 92″ quilt I had worked so hard on could not be sold.  However, my 20 year old likes the quilt just as it is.  I need to adopt the saying “Finished is better than perfect!” I so often hear from quilters!