What’s Up Next?

With my second “finish” for 2018 logged, I’m going to squeeze in as much sewing time as I can the rest of this month.  I hope to have a couple of the new look items for the Etsy shop to take along with me to Texas the end of the February for the opinions and suggestions from my oldest daughter Kari and my best friend Xan.

In February, my evenings and a couple days out of each week I am committed to doing registrar duties for the best GS day camp happening in August.  Once it is Feb. 1, I am buried in paperwork from parents and girls hoping they get the forms to me before we have to close registration because camp is full.  This happens generally within 4 – 6 weeks.  It is wild and crazy and I love it!

This month my hubby will be visiting family in North Carolina for 9 days.  During those nine days, I plan to finish painting my living room and hall, recover a valance over the panel of 3 huge windows looking out on Mount Rainier, and configure a curtain rod that will cover the continual 18′ of windows to hang my new drapes.  Why do it while he is gone?   He has a problem with change.  This way, it will be done, he will grumble for a few days and then appreciate how nice it looks.


I also need to get more listed on Etsy so the inventory clearance sale event can happen!  Aw, who needs sleep?