What Have I Been Doing?

It has been much too long since I last posted anything.  I know I have been busy and while I wasn’t watching, summer came and left!  I always feel that way it seems when the cooler weather arrives and leafs start to change color.  Really do love autumn except for the fact in a blink of an eye the holidays have arrived.

One thing I haven’t shared here is I am now selling on Amazon Handmade at their invitation.  You will find my listings under StitcherMade, just like on Etsy.  Currently trying to get a couple fall things finished and listed, and then I’m going full steam on Christmas items, trying to build up a nice inventory in anticipation of several sales.

So, the few things I have gotten made for Halloween are on Amazon – a couple garlands and a table center cloth.  I have one fall wall hanging to be quilted and completed and a fall table runner that only needs a binding.  2 top UFO (unfinished objects) projects for my list.

You know most quilter UFOs, I believe, are like mine – only require perhaps an hour or two, or a full day of concentrated effort and they would be finished.  Much like some of my house projects!  I’m seeing a mantra for next year forming ~~~ concentrated effort equals completion!  I think I like that!  Yep, I do!  In fact, I’ll try it out this coming week and see how well it works.