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What Getting Ready for GS Camp Looks Like

Hi, everyone!

For those who don’t know, I volunteer each year for a day Girl Scout camp, Camp Oh Ah Lay Lay (why the director couldn’t call it Camp It, I don’t know, but so much shorter to type!).  I’m registrar, treasurer, crazy email writer to parents, and this year I am also running a unit of Juniors (grades 4 and 5).

The camp theme is Road Trip USA.  We won’t be leaving the campground, but unit leaders each picked a State and the activities they do with their unit will tie in with the State.  I chose South Dakota and am sad in the short week the girls are at camp, we can’t possibly “explore and visit” all the truly great places in SD.

I’ve been extremely busy with all the “hats” I wear for camp, but love every minute of it and even though I miss quilting and piecing, I love being involved with camp and never have regrets about the time it takes me away from the sewing/quilting rooms.

The Chinese ring necked pheasant is the State Bird.  Here is a not quite finished project the girls will do.  I will post as I go along with the flag and other projects I will work into the daily schedule of camp, like archery, all camp crafts, field day…

Before we know it, the week of camp is over and we are hugging good-bye with promises to see each other again the following summer.  I’ve done this camp so many years, some of the girls I had when they were just going to enter 2nd grade are now high school graduates and unit leaders themselves!