Past Years

Update Mystery Quilt 2016 by Meadow Mist

Condensing Previous Posts

I am condensing previous posts on this mystery quilt 2016 by Meadow Mist. I really enjoyed the clear instructions and illustrations provided for the blocks that eventually made the finished quilt. Cheryl Brickey, owner of Meadow Mist, has written two pattern books and has a wonderful website you can find at Meadow Mist Designs. She cleverly puts a modern twist on traditional quilting blocks.

Starting a Mystery Quilt

In 2016, I was excited to start a mystery quilt. With new directions coming only once a month, I was confident I would be able to keep up and did not fall behind. Learning the result would be a lap size, 60.5″ square was perfect.  

The first instruction was to pick the five fabrics for the quilt top. All we were told was the amount of fabric needed. Fabric A was to be a medium value fabric; B and C would be dark value fabrics; D was to be light to medium value; and E a light value fabric. Some quilters don’t enjoy choosing fabrics; however, it is one of my favorite parts and I absolutely love the fabrics I have chosen.

Moving Right Along

I kept up with the monthly directions, moving right along. I wish I were as good at taking more photos.

Here are the pieces all cut and clearly marked so it is easy to pull what is needed each month.  As you can see, some blocks are already completed.

Anxious for the Reveal

Anxious for the reveal, but we still have more blocks to make. I’ve already been playing with the blocks I have made to see if I may have captured the center of the quilt.  What do you think?

You can see the fabric much better in the photo to the right. The solid fabrics were chosen to complement the butterfly fabric. I am so anxious!

So Close Now

Oh, so close now!  I finished the last two blocks of January instructions.  The first week in February is the reveal of how the designer suggests we put our blocks together to complete the quilt top.  I say suggests since many in the group, as anxious as I am, have laid out a variety of ways the blocks put together can make some genuinely nice designs.  I admit it is tempting to play around with the blocks in various positions if I wasn’t so busy!

Here are photos of all the block designs that will go into what I am sure will be a beautiful layout.

Finally, the Mystery Quilt is Revealed

Finally, the reveal was posted! Curiosity of how it was going to look was always on my mind!  I put the blocks together on the floor per the reveal and shot this picture.  

It wasn’t until I looked at the photo that I saw the corner blocks were incorrectly put together!  Those blue triangles should be pointed out!  Now I must decide if I am: a) okay with the way they are going, or: b) going to tear them apart and reconstruct them, or c) make 4 new blocks that are correct. Then I heard a little voice tell me “Finished is better than perfect” and another saying, “I like it the way it is – my own twist on how it should be”. Who am I to argue with these two voices? And I am glad I listened! Read about Finished is Better Than Perfect. Plus, another saying is if someone in a car going 50 miles an hour is driving by your quilt and can’t see a mistake, the mistake doesn’t matter.

Finished Mystery Quilt 2016 -Awesome!

The finished quilt is awesome! My photo of it, not so much.

Writing Clues for a mystery quilt

Quilters who design and write clues for their mystery quilt have my deepest appreciation of their talent. If you have never thought about making a mystery quilt, do a bit of research to see what style you would find most comfortable to follow.