Tulips Wall-Hanging

This wall-hanging proudly shows off five cheery tulips welcoming Spring!  The tulips are machine appliqued with a nice blanket stitch (one of my favorite machine applique stitches). A hanging sleeve is attached on the back for ease of hanging.

free motion quilting

It was the ideal project for me to free motion quilt on a regular sewing machine.  I started off echo quilting around the tulips and stem/leaves.  The intent was to offset the line quilting from the applique. Vertical wavy lines were stitched using the walking foot.  Distance from the previous line was varied, as was the wave.

The free motion quilting around the applique started with only the area of the stems and leaves.   As you can see, it needed more.

deciding how to quilt

I really enjoyed making this wall-hanging, however it took me a long time to decide how to quilt it.  I wanted something quite different that would keep the focus on the beautiful batik flowers, make them pop, but secure them to the background at the same time.  Then one day I just knew what I wanted to do even though I honestly had not thought about it consciously for several weeks.  One of those ah-ha moments that happens when I sleep!

I believe you can see what effect I was going for and how the simplicity of soft wavy lines are so quietly there they go unnoticed while giving the micro quilting around and among the tulips and stems a place to ground the focal aspect of the whole piece.

caring for a wall-hanging

Unlikely it will need laundered if regular vacuuming or shaking outside to remove any dust is done a few times a year.  However, if laundered it should be done on a gentle cool cycle and line dried.  Careful pressing from the back with a terry towel folded beneath the tulips may be necessary to get a crisp flat look to rehang.

If interested in purchasing this wall-hanging or one in a distinct color way, please contact me at