The number of tools on the market for a quilter is unbelievable!  Rulers amaze me the most – ones for cutting straight, ones for angles, rulers to be sure you cut and sewed perfectly and if not they help you “fix” it, rulers for curves and waves…so many rulers!

And we have cutting mats that range in size from “you call that little thing a cutting mat” to “holy cow, that is bigger than my bathroom”!  They lay flat, some spin, you have a choice of color, and if they are printed on one or both sides.  These mats cost so much, they should  last a lifetime!  And I’m still waiting for my self-healing ones to get with it and heal!

Oh, the rotary cutters!  Size, color, ergonomically designed, blades you don’t have to change as often, blades you never have to touch when you do change them, some have automatic blade guards that close when the blade isn’t rolling, some require habit skill building to remember to close the safety feature.  This is probably not scientifically proven, but I think it doesn’t take more than once (maybe twice for a few) for an exposed blade to encounter the top of your foot when you knock it off the table (the blade from the table, not your foot!) and you have to swear to the ER personnel and patients you will never ever do something so foolish again, so you toss the old one out and go buy the one that closes itself.  I mean who wears shoes when they are cutting?

This reminds me, I need to take a walk to my cutting table and makesurethebladeisn’texposedwaitingtohurtmeorsomeoneelse!  More on tools later!