Too Little Time

Ever feel overwhelmed with so much to do that you simply get nothing done?  That is where I have been basically for a week or more.  Trying to decide what I want to be when I grow up (LOL!) and what direction to take the business has been the thing weighing the most on my mind.  It gets even heavier (play on words intended) about bedtime and that is when the insomnia kicks in.  At least last night I made good use of the wee hours and came up with a tentative plan.  I broke down things I would like to include in my week (funny how housework didn’t make the cut).  This morning with a couple cups of coffee under my belt, I set out to draft a calendar and will see how well I can do in sticking with it.  I’m sure there will be a few adjustments (like squeezing in at least 15 minutes for housework), but at least I have something that can guide me until I stop feeling overwhelmed.

First thing on the list this morning is trying to figure out why the Mail Chimp isn’t sending my blogs to your email in box.  Monkeys!  Cute as a dickens (what is a dickens anyway?  Are they cute?), great fun to watch, and I still want one to add to the collection of critters I have (if you know anyone  who has one they no longer want… and I am not referring to your children or the one next door you would like to see gone!  I want a hairy one like you see at the zoo!)  Where was I?  Anyway, you might not be getting my blogs because you forgot to signup for them.  I promise I’ll get this worked out soon.  Will you promise to signup soon?  I have so much I will be sharing.