Time to Catch Up

Days fly by. Weeks turn into months and now it is time to catch up! I have been unusually busy with commissioned jobs and demands to keep stock in my Etsy StitcherMadeShop, plus the mental need to do some projects I wanted to do because they looked fun. It is important to me to do what makes me happy during this enduring worldwide pandemic even the experts are struggling with predicting what is to come. I got my vaccinations, but still I am cautious. Indeed, it is time to catch up in so many ways.

What I Have Done

I received 30 t-shirts/sweatshirts from a high school senior to make her a quilt as a graduation gift from her parents. 30 t-shirts and sweatshirts squares reflected all the years this young lady played sports and attended GS camps.  Together they made a warm and memorable quilt.

I completed the bridesmaid dress alterations and I forgot to take pictures. You will just have to believe me when I say it was truly beautiful.

All but one of the UFOs in the previous blog are no longer categorized UFOs. They are now completed projects. It feels so good to say things are finished!

I admit I did start two new fun projects. One is a baby/toddler quilt featuring fabric depicting children in old fashion drawn pictures playing sailors. Perhaps I am drawn to the unique fabric, but I truly loved fussy cutting the fabric and using rust red and deep navy fabrics to frame and snowball the blocks. Photos when it is finished.

As if actively working one quilt wasn’t enough, I started a queen size quilt, fun project #2. This quilt will be made from twenty 12″ star blocks. A four-patch square is in the center surrounded by eight star legs. The primary colors in the four-patch are browns, cream. and black. I chose Amish black for the legs; the background is a soft cream. It will be a stunning quilt.

Have you ever given yourself an unexpected gift? In all the quilts I’ve made, never have I kept one just for me. Two weeks ago, I knew as I quilted a top made a few years back that I would not part with it. When I take it from the back of my recliner each night to warm my legs, I smile. It gives me joy. Another UFO changes title.

It is catch up time, so I am sharing this lap quilt of purple centered stars with eight green/blue legs on a white background share the top of this quilt with opposing stars with delicate light floral print star legs. The wide outer border of the same floral print is separated from the quilt center by a border of diamond shape purple and green chain. The backing is a dark green/blue with spots of many colors.

Some Projects Underway are Still Underway

Yes, there are some projects underway from last blog that are still underway. You can check what they were/are at I’ll address those another time.