Thursday News

Best news I have today is I tested my ankle on treadling yesterday and I can still walk today with no additional pain! So, all I need to do is get a willing family member to bring me a rotary cutter and mat, ruler and I can square up what I did yesterday and move on to getting all the blocks assembled and together. This quilt has been cut out since 2013, so time I get it together!

I wish I had gotten a picture of our kitten’s fascination with me treadling! She sure was trying to figure out why the thread was moving and then inspected the treadle movement and would look up to the machine. I think she figured out one had something to do with the other. Love how curious she is!

On the other hand, after jumping into a brown paper grocery bag left open on the chair, I think kitty lost a life when she tried to climb out and the bag tumbled from the chair with her still mostly in it. Lesson learned – brown paper bags are vicious!

It Almost Ate Me!

She tried sitting in a box that may have been 5″ x 6″ on Sunday. My husband was changing burned out bulbs in a Christmas light string so this small box of replacement bulbs was sitting open on the floor. Kitty tried with the bulbs in, with the bulbs pushed to a semi-horizontal position, and finally gave up and took them out of the box. She managed to get all 4 feet in, but curling up was going to be a major impossibility! By the way, hubs didn’t make her put the bulbs back in the box – spoiled cat!

What do you mean I’m too big? I think the box is too little!

I can’t imagine life without pets. So much unconditional love and trust, not to mention the enthusiasm to see you come in the door even if you were gone 5 minutes or 5 days. Pets are good for the soul.

Have a great weekend, stay in if it is not inviting to go out (lots of storms hitting various areas the next few days), read a good book, watch a movie, bake, or sew! Wouldn’t you like to make a quilt to wrap up in next storm? I’ll share a picture of the quilt I am making on my treadle just as soon as the top is done!