Three Little Blocks

Well, they really aren’t little, but they sure have lots of little pieces. These are blocks 2, 3, and 4 from the 50’s Retro Quilt block of the month quilt I am doing. I still need to do some embroidery work, thread or fabric paint detailing, and machine applique each piece even though I did fuse them all down. Doesn’t look finished to me until they are secured by machine.

I just noticed the middle car at the drive-in theater is missing a tail light! Guess I should fix that. Might be fused to the bottom of the iron if I put the glue side up instead of down – LOL!

I am also very busy now with Girl Scout registrations for a day camp I volunteer at each year. In fact, this will be my 11th year! Time flies!

What are you all doing besides surviving the winter weather or have you been lucky to be overlooked by the snow and cold? Snow slowly melting as temps are not getting above freezing or beyond 33 degrees. New snow drop expected tomorrow and through the weekend. That is it from the Great Northwest side of Washington!