The Cat Does Time!

While sewing the other day, I happened to glance out the window as cat Sweetie (re-thinking that name!) entered my view right on the tail of a tiny little bundle of fur I was soon to discover was a bunny.  Sweetie was determined it was hers; I was determined it wasn’t!  The bunny was determined to live!  Long story short, bunny thought I was the best choice she/he had at the moment and ran right into my hands.  Sweetie didn’t see where the bunny went and began her search under every bush, tree, and throughout the yard.  Laughing, I brought this scared little bunny into the house and held it until the heart rate dropped from leaping out of the body to a slow even pace.  Long story short, in less than 12 hours this bunny has decided being held by a human is where to be and there is no lack of hands eager to hold her/him.  We think at best the bunny is 3 weeks old.  Biting the nipple off the bottle offered led me to believe Mom had stopped nursing.  Milk in a bowl, water in a bowl, grass pulled from the lawn, and rabbit pellets are now in her cage to feast upon!

When Sweetie came in, quickly figured out there was a new cage set up minus a critter, so she made herself comfortable and was ready to wait.  I closed the cage door and told her she was “doing time” for the crime of biting a bunny and chasing it with intent to devour.  Sweetie looks very concerned, doesn’t she?

And yes, I know it is illegal to take in a wild rabbit as a pet.  Perhaps I should have let it go with an open wound and chance another cat, if not Sweetie, or a hawk or bald eagle that fly over frequently would have a tasty morsel.  Well, that isn’t me.  Take a look at the pictures and tell me what you would have done.

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  1. Danielle

    Mini update; little bun has been released after displaying clear signs it regained strength and was taken near where I suspect the bunny family hangs out. Happy Easter 🐣🐇🐰

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