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The Cat Does Time!

What did I see?

The cat (Sweetie) does time for, well, read on and you might ask if she learned anything! Sweetie was in hot pursuit on the tail of a tiny bundle of fur. I quickly went to the rescue! A wild bunny was Sweetie’s focus and my yelling for her to stop did not penetrate instinct!

It came down to who was the most determined. Sweetie thought the bunny was hers. At the same time, I was on the bunny’s team determined bunny would live!  Long story short, bunny thought I was the best choice she/he had at that moment.  Sweetie missed the quick left the bunny took right into my hands. Confused by the disappearing act of the furry creature, Sweetie searched under every bush, tree, and throughout the yard. 

scared little bunny

I brought this scared little bunny into the house. Continuing to hold the bunny, the heart rate dropped from leaping out of the body to a slow even pace.  We made bunny a comfortable safe place in one of the many critters cages we have accumulated. I discovered a superficial scratch on the tiny body, cleaned it and applied Neosporin to ward off infection.

hold Me

If this bunny could talk, we would have heard “hold me”. Preferring hands to being in the cage was not a problem. There was no lack of hands eager to hold her.  A bit of research and personal experience led us to think the bunny was around 3 weeks old.  Biting the nipple off the bottle offered led me to believe Mom had stopped nursing.  We prepared a feast fit for a bunny – cat milk in a bowl, water in a bowl, grass pulled and rabbit pellets!

The Cat Does Time

I’d like to think the guilty cat chose to do time. When Sweetie finally gave up the search and came to the house, she soon found there was a new cage set up with a slight scent of the bunny that disappeared, so she made herself comfortable and was ready to wait.  I closed the cage door and told her she was “doing time” for the crime of hurting a bunny and chasing it with intent to devour.  Sweetie looks genuinely unconcerned, doesn’t she?

Cat climbed into the cage to wait for the bunny!

it is illegal

And yes, I know it is illegal to keep a wild rabbit as a pet or to help if injured.  Her injury turned out to be a scratch not a bite. For the next few days, she got lots of loving snuggle time. My daughters searched the pasture for a rabbit nest we knew couldn’t be far. The day to say good-bye came quickly. The girls took her close to the nest they found and watched the bunny reunite with her siblings. Oh, the stories the tiny bunny could entertain them with!  

We never went back to the nest. I like to believe when it was time to leave the nest and go out on her/his own, they decided to hang around outside our house. We frequently see a bunny in the yard that looks like it could be our snuggle bunny. I like to think she lives here!


Our pets are a constant source of entertainment, especially cat capers. With four cats and two dogs sharing our house along with fish and birds, you can only imagine there is never a dull moment! Check out this post about a Cute Kitty

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  1. Danielle

    Mini update; little bun has been released after displaying clear signs it regained strength and was taken near where I suspect the bunny family hangs out. Happy Easter 🐣🐇🐰

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