Education Sampler Sew-A-Long

Taking a Break

This is the week scheduled to add sashing to our squared same size blocks.  Well, I don’t know where the week went, but I woke up today and realized with all my straightening up and reorganizing the sewing room, I had totally forgotten to do the work for this post!

And I now lay on the couch, ice pack on my neck, wishing my headache would go away!  I had to run out to the store/pharmacy, so it could be something in the air or I finally slowed down enough the headache could catch up with me – LOL!  I have been cleaning and re-organizing my sewing room, an unplanned week of total chaos!  It started out as a put away and clean up from Halloween sewing to a total refold, move things around, dig things out, wonder where things came from, and finding a plastic tote I could reclaim from craft items needing to be put back where they came from for camp (yes, camp the first week of August!).

I’m afraid to say I am almost done because every time I thought that last week, three more things popped up to be gone through, purged, and rehomed somewhere in the room!  I have one rather large basket of scraps that always seemed to be in my path of travel regardless where I was headed.  I was so close to kicking it to the hall when I opened a cabinet and there was a spot perfect for it.   Okay, not exactly perfect since I had to squish it to get it in and then lean against the door for a bit to get it to close.  But in, it is and I have already dealt with the fact when removed the basket will have to be placed in the trash can.  It has had a good life, so I will wipe away the tears and go get some Advil or Aleve or something for the headache that isn’t going away.

See you back next week with sashing and borders on the agenda!