Snow, Snow, Everywhere

It isn’t unusual for it to snow at my house, but the amount and the length of time makes this occurrence different. I am loving looking out at it and even ventured a few steps out to get photos this morning. Would have made a snow angel, but I hate when fresh snow is tracked on unless the tracks are of animals. Sweetie, the cat that did time earlier this year, has figured out if she walks right next to the house there is no snow , however it is still cold and so she doesn’t stay out long. Think she figured out the moles are staying underground. Our horse, however, doesn’t let a bit of snow stop her from visiting the neighbor horse over the fence in the lower pasture! She sure had a look of disgust the other day when the snow started to fall. Evidence in her stall shows she was smart enough to go in to lay down last night.

Enjoy the pictures.

Well, that didn’t work quite like I wanted the photos to show up. But they are on the page. LOL!

Now I hear my sewing machine calling!

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