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StitcherMade is a One-of-a-Kind Place

StitcherMade One-of-a-Kind Place Selling One-of-a-Kind Items

StitcherMade one-of-a-kind place selling one-of-a-kind items, sound like your kind of place? I create and design all StitcherMade items found in the store.  Seldom will I ever make two the same items unless they are a pair or part of a set. My advice to you is if you see it, you like it, you want it, you need to buy it right then! Too often people miss something they really wanted because they hesitated.

A variety of one-of-a-kind creations may include:

  • Quilts from infant to king size.
  • Coordinating quilt/wall hanging or garland/stuffed animal or pillow sets
  • Holiday/special occasion garlands
  • Wall hangings
  • Knit hats, headbands/ear warmers and scarves
  • Fleece hats, headbands/ear warmers, scarves
  • Accessory scarves made with soft, draping fabrics
  • Bags – large to small, tote to small zipper pouches
  • Purse style bags fully lined and detailed
  • Home decor baskets, table runners, place mats, mug rugs, seasonal/holiday fun cloth decorative items, potholders, microwave baked potato bags, microwave tortilla warmers, bowl cozies
  • Quilt patterns designed by Stitcher
  • Embroidery designs by Stitcher

What is even more exciting, StitcherMade will only be offering items selling for under $100! Bigger ticket items may get a section closer to the holidays. And then there is “Oops”.

“Oops” a New Category

A new category “Oops” you will get bargain buys if you don’t mind a slight flaw (gasp!). They may be prototypes of patterns I took back to the drawing board. Or books I found in my bookcase that low and behold had a twin on a different shelf. Everything will be new or like new and priced to get them out of my inventory!


StitcherMade was scheduled to open August 23, 2023, however it will be postponed for an indefinite time due to a medical situation my husband has that requires my time, attention, and care right now. You will receive notice when items are listed at our new location. I’m sorry for this delay, but things happen that aren’t always expected. Thank you for your patience.