StitcherMade Moved

Where is StitcherMade Now?

You want to know where is StitcherMade now and that makes me so happy! StitcherMade moved to a new online location that isn’t open yet. You last found my shop on Etsy, and you may find it there again in the future. Currently, I am focused on opening an outlet for StitcherMade at by mid-May before the year ends. There is still much to do to have a great opening in just a couple of weeks! You want to be notified when I throw the doors open, right? Subscribe (directly below the logo to the right) and you will get an invitation to shop a day before we open to the public. Plus, you can stand outside the doors and say “open, open”. Does that recall an old TV commercial?

Moving is hard work!

What will be Different?

What will be different? You can expect the same quality products made from some of the best fabrics available. There will be a variety of products, some you have seen before and some fun new things. I am focusing on sale prices of $100 or less for the opening. A new category “Oops!” is where you can shop bargain prices on StitcherMade items that have a (gasp) flaw. Also, you will find items I haven’t made but bought more than one, like books and who knows what! It will be a fun place to visit!

Time for a Contest

Yes, I do think it is time for a contest at StitcherMade! What better time than the opening of StitcherMade moved to a new location? If you wish to enter a random drawing, just leave a comment below telling me what you would like the prize to be. Your response will not influence my choice of the prize, so don’t be shy. Tell us your deep-down wish to win!

I will be using this site to do the drawing Feel free to check it out.

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