StitcherMade is OPEN

I’m so excited. Finally, I have opened StitcherMade with Halloween and Fall products. More inventory is scheduled to be added soon! Christmas decor and gifts, like a bottle of wine in a nice wine bag for a hostess. Soon you will find small zipper organizer bags all the way up to shopping tote bags. Bags make awesome gifts and great gift bags! So much more to build the inventory selections will be added.

I decided StitcherMade should have a website of its own. Click here: to browse or buy. We have no dress code, mask not required and definitely okay to put your feet up. You need to remember when you shop, StitcherMade is a one-of-a-kind shop. When you see something you like and want, don’t wait. Someone else may buy it before you come back to the page.

You will still find educational articles here, along with definitions to guide you in the sewing/quilting world, and who knows what else. I feel like I am getting a better handle on my time and productivity, at long last!

See you at