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StitcherMade for Judy – A Unique Privilege

Four years ago I was hired by a charming elderly lady to be her personal seamstress.  She wanted me to make her clothing, creating unique designs, and use the collection of materials she had.  This is where the challenge came into the job.  Her collection consisted of numerous vintage chenille bedspreads, pillow shams made of heavier brocades and upholstery fabrics, curtains (from sheer to velvet), lace and embroidered handkerchiefs so delicate, buttons and other embellishments, and a pair of jeans!  She was in no rush, and reminded me she wanted items that would make a statement when she walked into a room and again when she walked out!

My creative brain was really going to get a workout.! I stacked all of her collection on a huge table where I saw it throughout the day.  Often I found myself just studying the array on the table until some ideas began to come together.  I was happy I was able to design and make 2 jackets, a vest, and a purse before Judy and her husband moved to an assisted living home in north Tacoma.  Judy gave me her collection of all the fabrics and embellishments and much more with the sorrowful announcement she would no longer need my services since their new home had only one small closet, and no room for new clothes.  I’ll never forget my last visit.  She had to model for her husband the white jacket and show off her purse.  Just before I left, her husband who had walking difficulties, made his way to door to secretly tell me I had made his wife happier than he had seen her since their wedding day and thanked me for all I had done.  It was a tearful good-bye and I often think of Judy and her adoring husband.