Spring Cleaning in January

I don’t know why I like to do spring cleaning in January. Maybe it helps me not think about the rain. It rains a lot in Washington in the winter. Mostly it is so I might be done by spring! Aging does have drawbacks, especially when you don’t mentally feel your age and think you got energy DNA from the pink Bunny marching around beating his annoying drum.

Room #1: The Master Bedroom

One finish for the month so far. Spring cleaning my master bedroom started on January 1 and finally completed two days ago. After vacuuming the walls, moving furniture, hanging drapes, adding a “reading area” with a love seat and bookcases, it looks very inviting and restful. My husband keeps saying the room looks so much bigger and loves all the changes I made. This from a guy who hates change, so I’m taking it as a big compliment. Could have taken his temperature instead, but who am I to pass up a compliment!

I am taking a break before attacking the master walk-in closet and bathroom. We have a new granite vanity top to be installed after the old is ripped out. No sense doing deep cleaning until the construction dust settles.

Room #2: Quilting Room

I took on the quilting room yesterday. As of this evening, the walls are free of dust and webs, Also, I did my least favorite chore – cleaning the window and sliding door tracks. But, it had to be done, so I did it. The cat decided to not come in when he smelled bleach. He didn’t seem to notice how clean the track was, just the smell. This from the cat who had a huge dead mole in his mouth just minutes prior.

When the body insisted it could not bend over one more time, I gave in and turned off the lights after a final look at the changes I had made. I still have several items on the cutting table I need to find a home for, but they will still be there tomorrow. Love the progress!

What will you do tomorrow? Thinking of Spring Cleaning in January?

How will you spend your Friday? Spring cleaning in January means this spring you and I can work on our tans while reading a good book, knowing our neighbors are too busy to drop by since they are spring cleaning!