Soon StitcherMade to Open

I have been so busy posting on the Quilt-a-Long, I have been neglectful to the blog!  Many other things also happening like lots of time spent gearing up to getting StitcherMade open!  I feel like I need four or five computer screens so I can refer back and forth.  I’m much closer today, but still several hours away.

In the meantime, I have pulled some Halloween items I made and some fall wall hangings to be photographed.  I’d love to have some outdoor shots since the trees are turning such beautiful colors, but rain can be make it difficult to coordinate with the photographer!  

Image result for halloween free clip art

Tonight I want to do a little treadling while watching/listening to TV.  A couple more Halloween things I’d like to get done.    For right now, I’m thinking dinner needs attention.  Made London Broil in the crock pot yesterday with onions and carrots and potatoes.  So yummy.  Leftovers tonight with dumplings!  A great meal on a windy gray fall day.

I’ll post the announcement when StitcherMade opens for business!  If you want to make sure you get notification, please be sure and sign-up to get notice via email.  Tell your friends, but you might want to shop first since all things listed will be a one of a kind, at least for now!