Slow Progress

I feel as if I am making very slow progress in so many areas right now, probably because there are several things I am trying to get done.

First of all, I will confess my Christmas tree and decorations are still up.  I will at least pack up my Santa collection and snowmen when I finish this blog.

I did squeeze in a few hours of sewing flying geese (a quilt block name – I promise no live fowl were hurt) to go into the Mystery Quilt “On Ringo Lake”.  The nine patch squares are sewn.  I’ve sewn a couple of each step just to see how they looked.  Tuesday I focused (my word for 2018!) on the coral/melon geese.  Got all one side done , so next session I will finish them!  Hoping to get the chocolate geese done, too, because they then get sewn to the coral – coral on top, or is it chocolate on top?  Think I will refer to my directions!

All those pieces calling my name!
2″ squares – maybe 1,000






The block parts I will be putting together. 9 patch blocks are done!                                                                                                          
First wing on the coral flying geese blocks. Time to snip apart (they were chain pieced so the units are attached to the previous and one following), press, and cut (wing is sewn to flip up leaving 2 layers beneath it to be cut off 1/4″). Lots of steps!
Ready for the “wing” on the right! I will then go through the same process with the chocolate brown rectangles and neutral 2″ squares.











The above process took me approximately 2 1/2 hours.  I had started off with the intent to complete both sides of the geese, but 3/4 the way through, I twisted around to get my phone to read a text and the next thing I knew I was sitting on the floor.   One leg on my old sewing chair had come off because the screws had become loose.  Figured while I was on the floor already, I might as well put the leg back on, tighten a few other screws and relieve the wheels of all the threads wrapped around them.   I suspect the twisted position accounts for the back and neck muscle spasms I’ve been having, but my chair is safe to use now and the wheels move more freely!

Have a wonderful evening, stay out of the rain if it is raining where you are, be safe and take no chances if you are in an area where the horrific fires recently burned and it is raining.

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