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Rush Hour Taillights

Rush Hour Taillights is the latest quilt named. Here is how it came to be. I needed to start a new quilt top.  Quilters seem to get that urge to do a quick project in the middle of a longer project. My guess is the need to complete something is the motivator.  Sticks and Stones, already cut out with directions, would be perfect. This design is a one block pattern that goes together quickly.  The back will be the same red as on the front.  The border is what I think makes this pattern unique.  How about a sneak peek?

Love the black, red, and white together for this quilt.

Border will be in the red fabric.

The Borders

The borders go on after I square up the inner section which will remove the wonkiness I see now that it is on the design wall. The last step before sewing on the binding is the quilting.  Nothing on the longarm to slow down that step.

This is a more modern improv type top than I normally do.  I like it, but don’t see myself going modern/abstract more than infrequently.  Hopefully, a fitting name for the quilt will come to me as I am quilting it.

Borders were added, I quilted it on my longarm, and added the binding by machine.  I am so pleased with how it turned out! 

Rush Hour Taillights

Rush Hour Taillights is what I have named this quilt. It originated because of a recent flight that had us driving to the airport during morning rush hour. Calling the commute “rush hour” is such an oxymoron. More appropriate would be “brake test every car length driven”. That was still on my mind during the quilting process when the black turned into roads and the red became taillights. Therefore, I present to you Rush Hour Taillights!

Sticks and Stones the red, black, and white quilt waiting to be quilted.
Rush Hour Taillights on the deck railing.  Backed with red fabric same as seen on the front.

I am so pleased with the final quilt. It makes me wonder what it would look like in softer colors like pink, blue, and aqua.

I didn’t look too closely at this quilt. Please don’t let me see what I discovered on one of my quilts. Still don’t know how I missed it! /finished-is-better-than-perfect/