Robot Bumpers

I love donating my time and talents to help a high school robotics team by covering the bumpers for their robot.  Last weekend was devoted to getting the bumpers ready for competition.  The bumpers I did last year were huge compared to the cute tiny ones for this year and lots of fun to do.  They have to be made to easily change from red to blue while still securely attached to the robot.  I can’t take credit for the design which I just follow and try to improve on, but I must say it is really very clever.  I’ll let the following pictures show you what I’m talking about.

This photo shows one of last year’s bumpers I did.  Next to it is the wood form with pool noodle pieces held on with tie wraps.  I had four like this to cover for them this year.  You can see in the bottom photo how hard these young people are concentrating on the building of this robot.  What a great group of kids who just might be instrumental in building the robots of the future!