Robot Bumpers

Stitcher Covers Robot Bumpers?

Yes, Stitcher covers robot bumpers to help a high school robotics team prepare for competition. This is my second year helping by covering the bumpers for their robot. The bumpers I did last year (2017) were huge compared to the cute tiny ones for this year.  The bumpers will be securely attached to the robot and be made to easily change from red to blue.  I can’t take credit for the design, but it is very clever.  I’ll let the following pictures show you what I’m talking about.

Photos Show My Part

The photos show my part in getting the 2017 robot competition ready. This photo is of one of last year’s robot bumpers I did.  

Bumper for high school robotics team going to competition.

The much smaller wood form used pool noodle pieces held on with tie wraps for the 2018 robot. I had four like this to cover with blue on under the red. The way the fabric was sewn together, stapled to the wooden form, and Velcro strategically placed allowed the team to change from red to blue. The red fabric could be pulled loose from the Velcro and quickly flipped over the top revealing the blue fabric with numbers. The focus of the young people while constructing the robot from scratch was amazing.