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Reversible Quilt

HS T-Shirts vs Gymnastic T-Shirts

A tote filled with high school t-shirts and gymnastic t-shirts; customers not in agreement; and I offer a reversible quilt. What was I thinking?

Anxious mom wanted her daughter’s sports related shirts to be made into a quilt; the graduate wanted the gymnastic memories to be made into a quilt; both agreed she did not need two quilts. I threw out the idea of making each quilt top and making her quilt reversible! That was the key to keeping both happy! So, a reversible quilt was the plan. The operative word in that sentence “was”.

Learn as You Go

It turned out to be a learn as you go project and had I thought it through I may have realized the error I was about to make. First, I will take you along on the journey with me.

Photos of Two Tops for the Reversible Quilt

Photos of two quilt tops for the reversible quilt gives no indication of the weight.

High school athletic shirts made into blocks and sewn to be a quilt top.

Sorry for the large photos, but I wanted you to see the details. These shirts say a great deal about the young lady who wore them and earned the right to wear them.

Come along on the journey here /two-t-shirt-quilts-not-one/