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Reversible Quilt Happens: HS T-Shirts vs Gymnastic T-Shirts

Mom was anxious for her sports related shirts to be made into a quilt; the graduate wanted the gymnastic memories to be made into a quilt; both agreed she did not need two quilts. I threw out the idea of I could make each quilt top and make her quilt reversible! That was the key to keeping both happy! So, a reversible quilt happens when high school t-shirts and sweatshirts vs gymnastic t-shirts and leotards.

This is a “learn as you go” project for me and when it is all done, I will post the finished result and share everything I have learned in the process.

Here are the two quilt tops to be made into a reversible quilt.

High school athletic shirts made into blocks and sewn to be a quilt top.

Sorry for the large photos, but I wanted you to see the detail.

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