Return from Texas

It feels like forever since I wrote my last blog!  I had a wonderful visit in Texas and a memorable road trip from my daughter’s home in Argyle to Lubbock, a 5 hour drive of exciting happenings, and a much quieter drive back since we were exhausted!  At least my brother and I were.  My sister in Lubbock knew I was coming to visit and would be with my oldest daughter and my best friend Xan.  She had no clue our brother was coming to surprise her!  The three of us had not been together since our mother died in 2003.  So we made the best of the time, remembering old times, looking at photos and a family tree I had brought for my brother’s son.  We were even taking pictures off my sister’s walls, removing the frame in hopes mom had written who was in the photos!  Only 3 silly siblings would do something like that (okay,  I was the leader) then we handed them to my daughter and told her to rehang them!  Lots of laughter, so much to share, and before we knew it we had nearly yakked the night away.  A bit less than 24 hours in Lubbock, we were headed back, with a promise from our brother he would visit our Lubbock sister and we would all stay in touch more often.

Dinner the next night with my brother and his wife and their oldest daughter and her husband, his son and his wife and their two great kids, and my daughter and son-in-law was such fun.  Brother’s other daughter didn’t attend, but she had a good excuse – at the hospital in labor!  Her cute daughter was born at 3 AM.  I think she might have preferred to have dinner if she had known baby wasn’t going to arrive until then – LOL!

From left to right:  my daughter Kari, the one and only brother Tyrone, without a doubt the one and only Paula/Stitcher, our Lubbock sister Rose and her 5# Sweetie dog.  Missing is our oldest sister, Iona, who died at the age of 48 from cancer.


One of the neatest things we discovered while at Rose’s was some quilt tops and squares our mom had put together.  Rose has arthritis in her hands and so I offered to finish the quilts for her, but not the polyester ones!  One polyester top mom made was easily queen size and really very pretty and colorful, but polyester…  So, I came back with a very scrappy flannel quilt top that she put together with no sense of pattern, just sewed the pieces together.  I love it because she made it.  And the small squares she sewed together, some a bit wonky, but perfect in my eyes, will be fun to put together and quilt.   Thought you might like to see them for yourself.  The flannel top is so big it didn’t fit on my 8×8 design wall, but the photo will give you a glimpse of her non-pattern!  Not sure how old the fabrics are.  I don’t remember any of them, but my brother said the football fabric he had pajamas made of the same print.  So my guess it probably is 45-50 years old.  In the squares, I recognize a yellow floral from a dress I had maybe 60+ years ago.  Think I was 7 or 8. Trying to get back in the groove and the spring like days are not helping.  Although I take allergy meds year round, in the spring I deal with swollen itching eyes, dripping sinus,  headaches and no energy.  I told my husband I really think I should be going to Maui to see how my allergies are there.  He did the “uh huh” response that means either he didn’t really hear what I said or thought it didn’t deserve more than “uh huh”.

Have a great week!  Maybe I’ll try quilting in the morning!