Quilting, UFOs, and an Ankle

It has been awhile since I blogged, so let me get you up to date on what has been happening and what is on my “to do” list.

First off and what has been literally determining what and how long I do something is my ankle. MRI revealed a hairline crack in the ankle bone and a small chip off of bone. More importantly and explaining why after 4 months post fall I still have significant pain is the damage I did to the ligaments. They stretched beyond the limit of ever repairing themselves, so I will be scheduling surgery, about 30 days out when the doctor has his first opening. Recovery will be a slow process starting with absolutely no weight bearing for three weeks, progressing to a lovely boot and then to an ankle brace and I’m sure some PT. I am just anxious to be pain free and mobile on two feet that will keep me upright – at least that is the plan!

I am still working on completing all the quilts for the journey to Texas. Have hit a couple slowdowns, but I won’t let that keep them from getting done. I will just approach it from a different direction. Sneak peek a block of the grandboy’s quilt. I sincerely doubt he reads his grandma’s blog – LOL – so I don’t think I am going to spoil the surprise.

All fabric ordered from different suppliers. I cannot believe the perfect color matches!

I also have 2 formals to hem. One is needed by May 18th and the other by October.

I am registrar and bookkeeper for a volunteer led GS camp, so this is a busy time getting all things camp processed and address family questions. Everything is done on the computer and is an activity I can do when resting my ankle, like now.

I think right before I have surgery I will set up a little sewing corner for myself upstairs with a few UFOs I can complete while I can’t put weight on my foot. It will definitely help time pass if I can be sewing!