Education Sampler Sew-A-Long

Quilt-a-Long Block 6 Sawtooth Star

Block 6 – Sawtooth Star – when finished means you will have half of the squares made for this quilt!   Hope you have enjoyed the first half of the journey.

Sawtooth Star requires four 2 1/2″ med light squares, one light 5 1/4″ square, four med dark 2 7/8″ squares, and one dark 4 1/2″ square.





Cut the light square diagonally both ways so you will have four equal triangles.  Cut the med dark  2 7/8″ squares diagonally once.  One light triangle and two med dark triangles will be sewn to make a unit known as flying geese.  There are many ways to make flying geese.  This is not my favorite because of the bias cuts of the triangles (easy to distort), but I want you to know how to do it this way.  In a later block, I will demonstrate a different method.

With the light triangle face up and the long edge toward you, place a med dark triangle long side on the left edge of the light triangle (RST).  The bottom and left edge should be aligned.  Without pulling, carefully stitch  a scant 1/4″ and press seam to the darker fabric. 

Now, do the same with the other other side.  Snip off the dog ears.  If your seam lines are a scant 1/4″, you will have 1/4″ of your med dark fabric at the top the light point.  Look at the back of the piece.  You see where the two seams cross?  That will be where your seam will fall when adding the flying geese unit to the center square.  Complete the remaining flying geese units.   








Now layout your rows as shown in the photo and construction each row; sew rows together as you have in the previous blocks.  The star points of the flying geese units should be a scant 1/4″ from the edge.

One of the things all quilters strive for are perfect points.  Even the most experienced will cut off a point once in awhile!  Don’t be hard on yourself.  Practice with precise cutting and consistent scant 1/4″ seams and your points will come more often than not before you realize it!  

You did it!  Halfway to a quilt top!!!



I want you to start preparing for quilting your quilt top yourself on your machine.  Don’t be one of those who make tops and deprive them of becoming quilts.  Or you can be one who quilts by check or plastic, but why spend money on having your tops quilted by someone else when you can easily learn how to do it from Angela Walters and spend the money you save to buy more fabric for your next quilt!  Not only is she a great teacher, she is funny and makes the difficult possible by breaking quilting down into simple movements.   Watch her on You Tube  I hope you find her manner of teaching to your liking.  If not, a quick google of machine quilting for beginners and you will have plenty to check out!  If you like Angela’s style, be sure and watch her Midnight Quilter shows.  She packs so much into a short amount of time and I know you will smile, maybe giggle, or even laugh out loud at her funny antics and comments.

Until next week, keep stitching!

My apologizes for posting these late.  A few expected and unexpected events caused me get off schedule, like:

  • a wedding
  • hubs birthday celebration starting with all day at the zoo, then dinner on the water, followed by ice cream at Cold Stone
  • a community of fleas requiring attention
  • time to learn treadling (my coordination wasn’t as bad as anticipated, but still laughable!)