Post Thanksgiving – Pre Christmas

This time of the year I usually drive myself crazy trying to get more done than is possible.  This year I finally listened to that little voice inside my head saying, “Enjoy the moment.”  And so I am!

Thanksgiving was fun and relaxing.  Lots of laughter, good food, and family time.  I hope yours was all you could have wished it would be!

I believe a tradition has taken hold where our youngest son and family come for Christmas dinner on Christmas Eve.  I love it because Christmas Day is really relaxed, we eat leftovers from the previous evening, and have a quiet day.  A chat with the oldest in Texas always brings back memories of Christmas together when the grandboys were growing up.  Thanksgiving host son and his wife hook up their camping trailer and go to the coast where even cellphones don’t work.  Middle daughter will go to her boyfriend’s family gathering and Christmas dinner; youngest daughter will stay home relaxing and doing whatever strikes her fancy!

Have you ever thought about how traditions in your family start?  Miss the ones you no longer have?  Want to change one you have always dreaded?  I’d love to hear your thoughts on this!

If you don’t celebrate Christmas, was that hard to understand as a child when friends were getting a new bike, roller skates, the doll that talked…?

Please, leave a comment below!  How else will we get to know you?