Organization – What Works

Organization – What works for you?

What kind of organization works for you?  I’ve enjoyed reading posts on Facebook and blogs this week relating to organization and what works for people.  It seems like organization methods differ per individual.

Lists – UFOs now identified!

The same seems to be true about goals.  Some are making monthly goals; others are looking at yearly goals; and, some are not goal makers.  I fall somewhere between yearly goals and no goals.  That is a bit vague, however my approach works for me.

I made a list, a very long list.  I started with listing UFOs (unfinished objects).  First I separated Christmas from non-Christmas in boxes, listing each item and what still needs to be done.  I’ll work on non-Christmas until July.  In July, I’ll begin to focus on Christmas and fall.

Kits Get Two Lists

Another section is devoted to quilt kits I have purchased.  A kit can be a great way to purchase if you want your project to look just like the pattern.  For me, kits for Jinny Beyer quilts are the way to go.  If I like something she does in a particular colorway, I know to buy the kit.  Of course, I shop sales all the time!  I was fortunate to score some great buys from two different quilters downsizing their stash.  I felt a moral obligation to help them out – LOL!

As if having a pretty long list of quilt kits isn’t enough, I have pulled various fabrics from my stash when I think they would look nice together in “something”.  I have lots of zip lock bags of those.  These differ from the quilt kits discussed above because they have no pattern of what to make with the fabric.  I have tons of patterns, plus I am getting into designing and writing patterns.  The stash kits of fabric will be great candidates for my creativity and EQ7 – a computer quilt design program.

Planning with Panels on a List of Their Own

Panels needed listed so I could begin planning how to turn them into usable quilts.  I’ve become fascinated with  building blocks and borders to surround them.  Lots of math involved initially.  I do two drafts – one using finished dimensions and the second with cut dimensions.  I love it when all the numbers add up!  Then, I have a cutting plan to get the most out of my yardage.

Quilt Tops – 2020 is Your Year

One list remained for me to write.  How many quilt tops need quilted?  I guessed between 12 and 20.  It turns out there are 15.  My intentions to do many if not all in 2019 were dashed when I severely injured the left ankle and foot in a fall Dec. 2018.  Since I needed nearly the entire year to literally get back on my feet, quilting tops is a priority in 2020.

What Else I Did This Week

  • I appliqued a Christmas table runner.  All left is a quick stitch in the ditch to quilt it and a fold over binding.
  • Evening embroidery continued on the Noah Ark animal blocks for a baby quilt.
  • Attended a class sponsored by Sulky on Piecing and Quilting.  Got a great inspiration on writing pattern directions for blocks that don’t follow traditional piecing.
  • Enjoyed some sewing/quilting/knitting You Tube Videos while doing handwork.

What did you do this week?  How will you spend your weekend.  Here on the west coast of Washington State, we have wind gusts and rain, with snow flurries in the near future.  Power flickered on and off a few times this morning, but I have my treadle, so I can always sew!