Old Posts Influenced Today

Reading old posts influenced today. Starting to tidy up the website and read old posts, I had an “aha” moment. I saw a reoccurring theme of being overwhelmed and stressed throughout the years I have been blogging. The reason was always the same. To deal with the expectations I placed on myself, feelings of being overwhelmed were common. Next, I asked myself what I was going to do about the current same feelings for the very same reason.

Why Old Posts Influenced Today

Why am I feeling overwhelmed and stressed? The old posts influenced today as the list of expectations were similar. Well, here is my list of expectations for this year:

1) Get control of the website.

2) Design a new ecommerce site.

3) Enroll in textile, design, and pattern writing for new clothing line I want to introduce in 2023.

4) Enroll in analytical, marketing, writing, SEO classes.

5) Refresh and expand my skills and understanding of an online quilt design program; and,

6) Design quilt patterns for inclusion on my ecommerce site.

On the Back Burner

Old posts influenced today when I knew I needed to put something on the back burner. Could be two things would become obvious I didn’t need to do them right now.

I admit I had no intention of writing this post today except for redirecting the old ones. Turns out it has been good for me.

I Chose

I chose to put 4) and 2) on the back burner. The classes on the subjects in 4) are important, but not vital.

Writing blogs has been easy to do for SEO with the guidelines provided with each post. If you do extremely well, you get a green indicator. If you need to spruce the post up a bit more for it to rank high in SEO, they list where and how to do so.

Analytics are the keys to subject interest, clicks, source, and even from what countries. I do need to learn how to use them to improve my posts.

Marketing may be my weakest link. All the competition is working hard to be in the number one spot on search engines. With my lofty expectations already, I have not put the time in to research and check facts.

That is just a thumbnail sketch of why those classes are important. I look forward to taking them, but not until I have time to get the most from the courses.

As for the new ecommerce site, it is up and just needing a couple tweaks. However, I do need an intense day for a photo shoot of products ready to hit the market. Also, research for key words and phrases shoppers are putting in the search request. Those are what I need to use in my titles to be on the list of sites that come up for them to click on.

I am grateful the old posts popped up today when I began my work on the website. The old posts influenced today.

Small Business Help is Available for Stress

I decided to do a search specifically for stress and being a small business owner. I was surprised at how much there is available. Obviously, I am not alone except for maybe the self-imposed part of it. I found this article full of suggestions and thought I would share the link with my fellow stressed entrepreneurs. Stress Management for Small Business Owners – SBDC National Blog – SBDCNet

Thinking This Might Apply