Off to Texas

I’m on my way on Tuesday for an 8 day visit with my oldest daughter Kari and her family minus the grandboy at college in Arkansas.  While there, Kari, my best friend Xan who lives pretty close to Kari, and myself will take a road trip from the Dallas area to Lubbock to visit my sister!  I’m thinking it would only be the right thing to do if we visited the quilt shops along the way to say hi, pet some fabric, and maybe find a smidge to buy.So, I have trouble narrowing down what I must buy!  I just won’t take my clothes home, then I should be able to stuff it all in my suitcase and carry-on, don’t you think?

Time to find the best suitcase that I have for potential stuffing!  Will try to post while I’m in the south saying ya’all and wondering who my grandboy is talking to when he says “Yes, Mam”.