Odds and Ends

I occasionally do some unusual things I would never have thought I’d do, but it has been fun.  Let me share a few pictures and explain.


Last January I worked for a group of Green River College Marketing students to do a prototype Party Pocket.  It was a fun experience and a challenge for me to do what they were asking without making recommendations, etc. as this was a learning activity for them.  My understanding was their presentation and product was the best in the class, especially when they were able to sell 25 over a weekend before their final presentation before a panel of business owners and marketing experts.





Robotic bumpers!  For two years, I have been a part of the exciting and growing robotic building and competition teams.  I start with the wood and pool noodle forms made by the team to fit the size of the robot.  My job is to cover them and add the digits.  You see the trick is for a tight fit so the team can flip the fabric from blue to red and back as needed in competing.  These were done for the team at Spanaway Lake High School in Spanaway, WA.