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Newsletter or posts?

Newsletter or posts? That is what I have been thinking about. Which led to my thinking I could link all posts I wrote that week in a newsletter. I love getting newsletters and deciding for myself if I am interested in reading posts. Therefore, I am changing my style as of today. If you have subscribed, you have not been getting notice of posts by me, not that I have written anything earth shattering. My goof for not setting up that automation – duhhh! Now you know my follow through was unintentional, but I will personally send the newsletters to all who have subscribed.

Newsletter needs a name

I have too many other things on my mind to produce a name for the newsletter. Will you help me with this? It will be fun and helpful to delegate this to you. Just comment below and I will see to it that your name will be entered in the drawing. I haven’t decided what you will win, but I will come up with something the winner will love!

You have one week to think of a catchy name and keep it G-rated. I know how some of you think!

Next Friday, I will send out my first official newsletter with a great name and announce the winner!

Highlights of the week

The highlight of my week is making the decision to write a newsletter on Friday to link any posts I wrote during the week. Like this one /sign-up/.

Too many hours have been spent updating the website. I feel like I am getting close to being done – like I would know! And then there is the new StitcherMade store I must pay attention to if I am going to meet my opening day goal. Learn about the new location at /stitchermade-moved/.

My design studio is finally coming together. I have spent time working in it and love the quiet and solitude to let me think in full sentences. It’s amazing how much faster I can get things accomplished. I even bought myself a little coffee pot to indulge in my morning habit! Later today I hope to have one of my sewing machines sitting on the new sewing table my husband bought for me to match the cutting table/desk he also bought for me. The lucky sewing machine is a Husqvarna-Viking quilting machine. It was chosen for the speed it sews and the stitches are beautiful. Besides, I want to take down the quilt frame it has lived on in the quilting studio. Win-win situation.

I certainly hope next week will be more productive. Don’t forget to name the newsletter! You can enter as many names as you want and that will get your name in the drawing for each name! I am so looking forward to hearing from you!

Final Words

I know many throughout the world are dealing with so much disruption to normal – war, heat, storms, fire, smoke, and floods. Take care of yourself and loved ones. These challenges will move on, but I believe if we don’t change some ways of living, we will have to face worse challenges in the future. Stay safe!



I love being at the ocean and made this jellyfish paperweight to experience a new craft.