New Big Project at Sewing with Stitcher

Only half of January is over and I can proudly say I finished a few small things on my Project List.  However, I just took on a time-consuming commitment that has been in the works for 3 months.  Let me start at the beginning.

I received an email one day from a college student introducing herself, explaining she saw the advertisement for my business on the back of my car and was hoping I could help her and her team of marketing students.  Intrigued, I responded and agreed to meet with her and another team member the next day.   They desperately needed someone who could sew to help them with their final project in their marketing program.  I was then given a paper model of a pocket, elastic shaped and held into place with electrical tape, and a verbal idea of the vision they had of the final product they were aiming to sell.  Their question to me was simple – would I please help them by making a prototype based on what information and “models” they gave me?  Question two – would I then be willing to make somewhere between 100-500 for them?  

I didn’t commit to anything more than making the prototype for them.  3 different styles were made and advice from a seamstress’ prospective.  The team came back with changes they would like to see made based on these first prototypes.  

This last week #2 prototype with the changes and a few suggestions was released for the team to again approve/disapprove. Today I got the okay with a couple tiny tweaks Now it is simply a matter of getting all the supplies, final okay on colors, and produce 40 to fill their first order.  I have contracted with one individual to do the non-sewing part.  In the next few days as I wait for supplies to arrive, I will be making templates to be used in place of lots of precise measuring with each unit.

The team is working on a video to market their product and I hope to add it to my blog.  As much as I want to tell you all about it now, I owe a courtesy to the team to wait until they begin offering it for sale.  So, keep checking.  The unveiling should be soon!