Mystery Quilt Reveal

I haven’t had an opportunity to sew this together, but curiosity of how it was going to look was driving me crazy!  So, late one night I put the blocks together on the floor, climbed onto the coffee table (not an easy task at this age, let me tell you!) and shot this picture.  It wasn’t until I looked at the photo that I saw the corner blocks were incorrectly put together!!!  Those blue triangles are suppose to be pointing out!  So, now I have to decide if I am: a) okay with the way they are going, or: b) going to tear them apart and reconstruct them, or; c) make 4 new blocks that are correct and use the current 4 to make a baby quilt.  Think it will be (c).

The completed quilt will be posted as soon as I can get back to working on it.  Many other demands on my time currently.

Disappointed the photo is so light and doesn’t do the fabrics justice!  The final photo will be much better.