Mystery Quilt 2016 with Bonnie Hunter


I am doing another Mystery Quilt with Bonnie Hunter of Quiltville, and it is going to be beautiful.  Even the name she gave it is beautiful – En Provence.  The color palette she has given us to help in selecting fabric got me excited to do this quilt.  Her inspirations are frequently taken from nature and her surroundings.  This year is from her recent visit to Provence, France; last year, it was Italy.  I still have all the fabrics and instructions to make last years; it is just a matter of finding time!

Check her blog at or watch her on You Tube.  What I like about her mysteries is they are like getting an education AND a mystery.  Every mystery writer has their own way of presenting the clues.  Bonnie shares the way to use tools to make accurate blocks, shows through words and photos what she feels will help everyone be successful.  She is a top notch educator and it is understandable why she is in demand around the world to share her knowledge.


 My color choices await our next clue!  My focal fabric is the wine color at the top of the page.  I needed much more than this 18″ x 22″ fat quarter, so with the help of a fellow quilter also doing the mystery, she found a quilt shop in Tennessee that still had some of this 2014 print.  I do believe it is at the post office waiting for me today!
I will definitely keep you posted on the progression of this Mystery Quilt!