My Latest Work – Part 1

Sunday I just needed to give my new Necchi a chance to sew, finally!  And was I pleased with her performance.  Stitches so even and the tension balanced even after I had torn it apart to clean it!  I pulled an easy to do from my Phd (projects half done) box and it just happened to be a hobo bag partially sewn as I taught this in a class a few months back.  I always take a completed sample and one in the progress to use as an example of what the next step will look like so students have a better understanding on what they should end up with as they do the steps.  Anyway, Necchi girl took on the task and we even made some updates.  The open hobo bag look got pleats to close up the opening somewhat and used the pocket fabric to make a zipper pouch instead.  

Today I spent the entire day making the Robotic bumpers for Spanaway High School.  It is a different design this year and there are a couple areas I am not sure how I will complete, but after a full night sleep I will have a clearer head to approach a solution.  I was up at 4:30 to take hubby to the airport and I honestly don’t believe anyone should be up at that hour unless they are feeding a baby!  He arrived safely in North Carolina for a wonderful week long visit.

This is what I started with – the frames made of wood and pool noodles strapped on, cut and formed to fit the robot by the robotic team.  The white pile in front on the table are all the numbers to be sewn on to identify them in competition.  Pile of white on the left – scraps after tracing and cutting the numbers.

Numbers ready to be sewn on to the first two bumpers with constant blue or red fabric.  Frames are the two shorter ones on the table.  Stitched the numbers on by machine and fitted them to the forms, secured them with staples.  Hand still feeling strong and happy with how quickly these two were going together!