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More Preparation for GS Camp Oh Ah Lay Lay


Photos to show I’ve been busy preparing for camp even though it isn’t until July 30!  The map is what we hang on the unit pop-up so everyone knows where we are.  The girls will color everything in and I’m hoping on Friday I can get them to sign the map and write what they like or would really like to see if they ever truly go to South Dakota.

The second photo is a couple examples of what the girls can pick to embroider on an old fashioned white dish towel.  This will be tied in when we discuss Laura Ingalls Wilder and how embroidery was a skill girls were taught when young.

Back in a few days with other ways I’m getting ready for South Dakota!

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  1. Xan C Stephenson

    I am reading this at the hotel in…. Guess where? North Sioux City, SOUTH DAKOTA!

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