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More About Batting

I posted about batting a few months ago. You can find the post here

I received an email three days ago from Handi Quilter. “Thoughts on Batting” is the title. I read 99% of the emails I subscribe to. When I opened it, I immediately liked the way the writer made me feel as if we were old friends chatting. I wonder if you will have the same experience. Click on this link. Then, maybe you will have a similar experience.

Now, what did you think? Before you go, tell me in the comments if you liked the style of writing. Additionally, did you learn anything new about how to use batting? What is your go to batting? How do you buy batting – packaged, by the yard, or by the roll, or a combination of the three?

I do hope you won’t be bashful and will share in the comments. And stop by and have a look around. I am trying to list more each day so I can get busy on all my Christmas ideas I’d like to make and offer in StitcherMade. Did I mention free shipping for total purchases $35 or more?