Making Progress

I didn’t meet my self-imposed deadline to have my son’s quilt finished and in the mail yesterday.  My intentions were really good, but my health not so much.  I am dealing with cold/allergy symptoms and dizziness.  Yesterday just bowing my head would make the room spin, so I did a lot of nothing that required head movement.  Today I am going to be adventurous and make the trek to the sewing room for a few hours.

Ever misplace your cellphone?  I mean really can’t find it, everyone in the house look for it, kind of misplace!  I have pictures on it and want to share them with you.  Just when I decided it must have left the building with Elvis, I spied the corner of it in a place I had looked multiple times over the past 24 hours.  It was under a piece of fabric – surprise, surprise!  So now I can post photos of what I am doing to finish that quilt.  Should I mention my camera, as in real camera, is missing?!?  It is obvious certain objects should be on a lanyard around my neck.  The time it would save me from searching!

First, I want to share with you my box of threads that arrived this week!  There are lots of fun threads (glitter, metallic, and even niteglow!) and 15 spools of a variety of 3 kinds of silk thread so fine it is unbelievable it is a thread!  There is invisible thread in both clear and smoky (used on dark fabric).  I’d point them out to you, but they are invisible.  (it is okay to laugh at my corny jokes, just be careful who you tell you do.)  Really those are the two on the blue packages.  Serger thread, lots of variegated threads, some replacement threads, and 25 needles for the home machines I’m using and differ from my longarm needles.  Anyway, getting thread was a real treat to my week!  Does it look like $300 in that box?  It is and people wonder why quilts cost so much!


Okay, on with the quilt!

Hopefully you can get the idea that I am extending the lines from the interior of the quilt across the border to the outer edge.  It isn’t a consistent pattern as the stars are not all aligned, but I like it.  I continued to use the variegated silver thread I used on the top rather change to black, although either would look nice.  This way the quilting stands out.  I have one short border and two-thirds of a long border to do before I can put on the binding.  The binding will be stitched by hand to the back (I only want to wrestle this monster quilt so many times through the home machine!) and then I will give it the first washing to set the colors before it heads to California.  Maybe by the end of next week!

Yesterday, while trying to keep my head from bobbing, I worked my way through a number of emails I have been saving for when I had time to read.  Many were from Etsy.  I’ve really been struggling even posting finished items because my enthusiasm just wasn’t there – yeah, like it left the building with Elvis!  So, I am reading and was struck with an “Ah ha” moment.  I haven’t found my nitch, that which will make my items stand out from all the rest.  I asked myself simply if I had ever had a nitch – no, I did not ask where I left it since finding things isn’t coming easy right now!  I looked beyond the business to my daily life, my commitments, and my past.  I do have a nitch!  It comes out when I’m being creative and not sticking to a pattern or specific way something must be done.  I love to add 3-D!  Camp crafts are a perfect example.  (I’m sorry, Amy, about the 3D unit flag, but you did admit it was clever!)

My nitch will be 3-D and I can’t wait to introduce it to my Etsy shop!  But first, I need to clear out my inventory.  Over the next week or two, I will be working hard to get everything listed before I announce an Inventory Clearance Sale” you won’t want to miss.  I am going to slash prices like, like a trailblazer with a machete!  You do not want to miss this event!  Sign-up to get my blog so you will know when this extravaganza takes place!

Off to downstairs as I hear my room calling, or maybe it is just the noise in my head from congestion, but I’m anxious to finish the quilt for my son.

Comments, please!  What do you look for in purchasing online – prices lowered, % discount on your total purchase, or free/discounted shipping?  Help me decide how my sale will entice you to buy!