Longarm Quilting

I’ve been doing some reorganizing when I venture to my sewing and quilting rooms. The goal is to make it more accommodating for comfort standing and sitting until my ankle injury heals. MRI on Saturday should get me going in the right direction!

Sometime back, I shared quilt tops my mom made and I brought from my sister’s home in Lubbock to quilt. Since I’m headed back to Texas in May for my youngest grandboy’s high school graduation, I will take the finished quilts with me along with the quilt I have designed for the grandboy. I still have make and quilt it by the time I leave. Nothing like a little pressure! Photos will be posted when every quilt is finished. Yes, I’m thinking positive thoughts!

Grateful for the computerized quilting designs on the longarm that allowed me to sit and simply watch the machine and computer do their beautiful work. The lap quilt seemed to want to argue with me and the machines, breaking threads or messing with the stitching whenever the needle hit a seam, and there were an extraordinary amount of seams. My conclusion after trying all the tricks to stop what was happening didn’t work, it had to be the quilt top. I will finish it up on a home machine to take care of some of the problem areas.

Only one top left from the three mom made and that is the large flannel one. And I am not kidding when I said large! It fits on my frame, but barely! First I have to get it so opposing sides are the same length, a real challenge based on size and a place to lay it out so it will hang well on my sister’s bed. My dear mother, may she rest in peace, must have worked on this late in life as it is not the work I remember her doing in my younger years. I believe not all fabrics were cut on grain and the quilt may never hang properly. Regardless, it will at least go to my sister with side measurements that match! Do I think my sister will care? No, I don’t. Like me, if Mom made it, it doesn’t have to be perfect. This quilt, like the other two, will be hugs from Mom and warmth from her love. I even feel it when working with them.

Obviously, I best get to working on these quilts traveling with me if they are to be finished. Photos in the next post!

I Love What I Do!

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