Little Sewing – Lots of Cutting

potential image for flyerI confess I have done very little sewing over the last 30 days.  Instead, I am cutting, cutting and cutting and cutting.

It all started when I just couldn’t get excited about finishing the double wedding ring quilt on the longarm.  I’m custom quilting it for myself, so no rush.  Then there is the tablerunner on the sewing table that only needs two borders added.  I love the runner; not so crazy about the border fabric, so maybe that is why I have been able to ignore it.

I spent days going through patterns with my layer cakes, jelly rolls and charm packs spread around me next to the glass cabinet bulging with fat quarters and the cupboard of yardage gapping open in case I forget what is in it.  Did I mention the batiks were waving from under the table? When I would finally think this is it, perfect fabric combination for a pattern, the next day I wasn’t so sure.

Finally, with pattern and fabric stacked next to the Accuquilt (what a time saver and I could still use my wrist at the end of the day) I went to work.  I stopped counting one day, but I know for a fact I cut somewhere in the vicinity of eight hundred 5″ squares of solids.  Thank goodness for the charm packs of prints I didn’t need to cut – yet!

There are still piles of fabric and patterns surrounding the cutting table – wonderful 1930 reproduction fabrics for the Dresdan Plate quilt, undecided pick for the Drunkard Path, total unknown for the log cabin, but I will get to those eventually, or not.

One thing I found, having a plan and cutting the fabric, makes me feel so much better for having purchased them just because they were pretty!  Yep, move them off the shelf and room to buy more!!!!