Just a Little Behind

I’ve been doing really well keeping up with my scraps by promptly cutting them into usable squares, strips, and circles and have drawers to sort them into. That is until Christmas, my klutzy fall that sprained my ankle and wrists, and inability to go down stairs. So, I asked my family to bring up all my scraps on the cutting table and in a couple sizable square baskets, my rulers, cutting mat, rotary cutters and blades, and eventually my Accuquilt cutter and 5 dies. It looked like a endless job, but I was so pleased when I finished with a box full of neatly cut shapes.

Christmas Scraps Cut – HO HO HO

Different view of the box contents!

And what is this? This is what I saw on the cutting table downstairs right next to all the other Christmas scraps they saw and brought to me! My elation of thinking I was done cutting scraps quickly went right out the window as I trudged upstairs with these scraps apparently only I could see. I stuffed them into a nearby plastic shoe box that happened to be empty!

This small pile now cut looks like this. I’m done. If more Christmas scraps are found, I’m going to pretend they are invisible, at least until next Christmas season!

What a beautiful thing – scraps cut and neatly stacked! Between the two boxes, I’m guessing 4 or 5 lap size quilts are just waiting to be made!